Only applications from beneficial cargo owners can be consired/accepted by AISA.

Membership-Application in the American Import shippers Association Inc. (AISA) is conditioned upon the applicant’s agreement that all information provided by AISA, either as a proposal under discussion in negotiations with ocean carriers or as final contract rates and terms, shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed by the Applicant to any company, or group, or persons not employed by the Applicant.

Together with its application, the prospective member shall mail a check in the amount of $ 250 made payable to the American Import shippers Association to cover AISA’s one-time membership-application fee, that many pick and pack fulfillment companies charge to get a membership on their service.

FEU Service Fee: Once a member company is approved by AISA for shipping under one of more of its service contracts, the member is charged by AISA, and agrees to pay to AISA a FEU (Fortyfoot-Equivalent-Unit) fee for each container the member ships under AISA contracts. The level of the FEU service fee charged depends on the member’s minimum volume commitments to AISA. If you have Salesforce then you can use their platform for it too.
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